We are a young, women-owned, social impact business operating out of Washington, DC.

We love our printed books but we think that e-readers are magical. They are the stuff of Harry Potter books and they can hold a Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy. We are not writers, we can’t harness the “power of words” but we sure know a lot about technology and design to bring your words, in beautiful typography, at blazing speeds to people across the planet.

Why a social impact business?

E-publishing is on the rise and big tech companies are making a killing out of it. They take around a 30 percent cut. Before putting food on the table, an author still has to account for the fees of a traditional publishing house.

We offer barebone prices to help authors publish their ebooks. Getting your book up in that proverbial cloud is only half the work. You still need advertising to reach a wide audience. This is why we have put together a package that gives authors the digital assets they need to successfully launch their book, especially on social media.

By being a social impact business, we hope to empower disadvantaged voices, women, minorities, young and older authors who might be left out of the digital publishing market.

Meeting up

If you want to support e-publishing, publish an ebook or work with us please get in touch at info@ebooks-design.com. We can talk over email or schedule a call. If you are in Washington, DC; we would love to grab a coffee.