We will publish your book to Amazon, Apple and Google Books.
You will reach millions of readers in the United States and across the world.

how it works

How to, step 1 1 Line

You give us your printed book or an electronic file
(e.g., word, inDesgin or pdf)

How to, step 2 2 Line

We create the ebook in a dedicated format for each platform. We do the layout, typesetting and formatting. We can also design an ebook cover.

How to, step 3 3 Line

Together, we review the ebook on an e-reader. We test on multiple devices to guarantee the perfect ebook quality.

How to, step 4 4
publish and sell online

We get approval from Amazon, Apple and Google to release the ebook on their online stores (2-15 days).


EBook creation

all you need to e-publish

$450 - Ebook creation

You will get your ebook in three dedicated formats for Amazon's Kindle, Apple Books and Google Books.
You also get a free ebook cover if you use one of our templates or provide your own artwork.

We assist you in every step of the e-publishing process including creating and configuring all online accounts.

$150 - Custom Cover

We discuss your ebook and work with you to create the perfect cover. We will send you three design options for you to choose from.

Social Media, Web and Advertising assets

all you need to go viral

FREE - 1 hour

We discuss your book's launch strategy and what you will need for events, the web, social media and digital advertising.

$150 - advertising assets

We create a set of digital assets. Each asset is customized to match the specification of each social media platform (up to 5 platforms).

Hourly Retainer

If you need web development work or other design services, we set an hourly rate that matches the skillset needed and your budget.

have a lot of books? see organization plan

EBook Creation

at scale

This plan is tailored for Think Tanks, Non-profits, Publishers, Newspapers, Schools, Universities, Government entities or authors with an archive of more than 10 books. We can help you publish ebooks, reports and scientific papers.

For a quote, please get in touch with us on (202) 378-3368 or on info@ebooks-design.com.

what we have to offer

Experience with ebook publishing, design and technology.

Access to the global publishing market and book stores, especially for writers in developping countries.

High quality, hard work with a focus on putting authors first, social impact, inclusivity and diversity.

Experience with online marketing, social media, search engine optimization and digital advertising.

Simplicity. We handle the complex technology so you don't have to.

Custom-tailored. We will listen to you and create exactly the product you want. No cookie cutter designs.

about us

We are a young, women-owned, social impact business in Washington, DC.

Languages we speak
Arabic, English, French, Spanish